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we were young and all we can do was LOVE
all we can feel was HUNGER
i hope i can always remember
how your face conceded

something about the way
looking at you
make it seems possible
all those alternate ideas
parallel universe
conjoined presence
of us being together
sweet nothings
blissful everyday's

endings and beginnings

excerpts from "hey trevor"

hey trevor
as you are  driving
to your self destruction
you must be wondering
what am i doing
at 3am in your apartment

so inconveniently away from the city
were we once floundered our dreams
titillatingly without regards to reality
i just wonder
how come you are still here
and i am not with you

hey trevor
wherever you are i must be leaving
i hope i'lll catch you one morning
or tomorrow, or so
i know there are things left unsaid
and probably will remain that way
but for now
hey trevor
i am here
i was here

excerpt from "yours"

in this lifetime
i am found
my love resounds
the universal grounds
of happiness
out of loneliness
the filling force
of bottomless wonders

i see through
i feel with you
let it stand
forever in my mind

under construction "december 2009"

there are memories that dont die
as easily as when they were made
like the sound of his laughter
the shaking of his eyes
the sun burned summer
and the april that lasted forever

nights together
drinks shared
foreign beers gone wrong
local brandys so strong
falcettos echoing the night
missing you like a morning out of sight

shes pretty congratulations ...

excerpts from "in translation"

interlocked and entwined
limbs lost in arms
in translation
in progression
of desperate recession
of control over ...

ornate symmetry
with bodies colliding
side by side
stride open wide
outbursts of impulse descending
over powerless struggle
of mind and mindless indulgence

lets indulge together

excerpts from "cherry sunset pie"

in some distant time
when all was done
you were there
i was here
but together we stood still
never ending
never lasting

so dear knight
lets conclude
the darkness
the absolute
till the end is near
till then
when you're finally here
for better
never ending
never lasting
for ever

excerpts from "stronghold"

time permitting
his haste be abridged kind soul
let an hour pass solemn and languid
abyss abyss
unforgettable and such true bliss

in frigid scorn
nasty, unceremoniously absurd
the structure of which life
has to go on forever for me
when you and i have died in memory
no more tomorrow that i can watch excitedly

under construction "september 2008"

tell me when you're gone
you will stay in my heart
in my thoughts
and let my heart break
let my heart break
until you are back

tell when you're back
you'll forever be here
never uncertain
never fear

excerpts from "black and white"

you requested
i played
you nodded
i gazed

so isn't it any wonder
that suddenly
everything's as clear as black and white
no multitude of colors
parading and bantering
like you lingering and i shivering
from your blue-eyed gaze
yes, now i am officially amazed